Cheryl’s Story – Fruity Bouquets Newport

A Bit about me

My name is Cheryl Marsh, I'm 44 years of age and a mum to 4 boys. I spent the last 20 years bringing up my children, doing small jobs here and there, crafting for my sanity. I have always been a volunteer in my community and lead on many events as an events co-ordinate within Communities 1st.Three years ago when my youngest was 6 my father moved in with us and sadly passed away with cancer. I knew then how short life was and how I needed to do something for me, rather than always doing everything for other people.

How I Became a licensee

We initially set up our family run dove release business called All Doved Up. After 2 years of building a thriving business we decided we needed to look at expanding the business and find a way of increasing income in the quieter seasons of the dove release business.

I heard from a friend of mine about the new license opportunities with Fruity Bouquets in the Newport area. I done some research into the company regarding their history, products, how they work and what they do, and the instantly I thought…. WOW this is amazing. The bouquets are works of art and I would love to be able to do that…. the rest as they say, is history.

Starting my Fruity Journey

I like being my own boss so becoming a licensee was perfect for me. Shortly after applying to take on a license and my initial meeting with the Fruity Bouquets management team, my training was arranged, and I absolutely loved it!!!!

I was so impressed that the training was actually conducted by the company’s owner. Lee was friendly and straight away I felt at ease. I'm a hands on person, so the fact that the training was practical was great for me, To watch the process looked simple, and I thought, “oh no problem at all” ….  but it wasn't as easy as it looked there is an art to the bouquet creation, but after a few messy attempts, I finally got it. We were given all the necessary paperwork and everything was explained to using great detail, any questions we had were answered. I also received additional guidance as I am running my license from home, so needed a little help with how the food safety guidelines worl work mfor me ect, I was fully informed, and on my first EHO inspection I passed with flying colours and received a Hygiene rating of 5 which I was thrilled with.

Being Part of the Fruity Family

My licensed branch has been open for over 6 months now, and I can honestly say I love it more now, than when I started. The Newport area was not an established area for Fruity Bouquets so I have worked hard promoting it, and so have the fruity bouquets head office, It really has been a joint effort in creating a successful branch. Two weeks after my branch launched, it was Valentines Day , and I was completely run off my feet, I was overwhelmed with how busy we became in such a short period of time. I have had steady work ever since, both  via the Fruity Bouquets website as well as orders I have taken directly.

What’s next?

Since becoming a licensee, our overall business has gone from strength to strength, so much so, that I have just started a bolt on business called Sweetylicious, sweets -carts and chocolate fountains. I found that this new venture is marrying very well with my fruity bouquets branch, and it’s all going amazingly well, I'm proud to be a part of such an amazing friendly team, selling quality products, with confidence.

Would I recommend becoming a Licensee?

The aftercare with Fruity Bouquets after training is brilliant, we are constantly in touch with each other, I get a steady stream of bookings and orders forwarded to me as well as receiving many repeat orders directly. I have found dealing with the head office branch incredibly easy, I have never have to chase up payments or stock orders and if I'm ever unsure of anything they are just a phone call away.

I'm 100% happy with my Fruity License, and I see myself being a part of Fruity Bouquets for a long time into the future, and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a fresh new challenge, and an enjoyable way to create a successful business venture.

Cheryl Marsh – Fruity Bouquets Newport Licensee – Submitted June 2017