Beverage services by Fruity Bouquets


Get the party started with one of our showstopping fountains, which are perfect for guest arrival drinks, or as a center piece to your evening reception. Or why not surprise your guests with a slush cocktail bar, or even one of our Prosseco and floss stands, whereby we combine two classic favorites... Prosseco and Candy floss. Fruity Bouquets can offer a wide range of beverage services, and overal party packages that include both the drinks fountains and other party favourites such as photo booths, chocolate fountains, sweet stands... the list is endless.


Fruity Bouquets can offer a selection of beverage services including :-

  • Champagne Fountain
  • Prosseco Fountain
  • Baileys Fountain
  • Prosseco & Floss Stand
  • Alcoholic Slush Puppy Stands
  • Non Alcoholic slush puppy
  • Hot Chocolate stand
Drinks fountains by Fruity Bouquets